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The idea of starting up Woofy Collection came to me when I was fostering for a doggy named Prissy, a 6-year-old poodle that was super skinny was a available for adoption at Hong Kong Dog Rescue. 

I couldn't stand looking at such a poor girl in a crowd of other dogs when I went volunteering for dog walking, and the next thing I know, I had signed up the dog fostering form and was prepared to take Prissy home, at least for a period of time. 

Prissy was incredibly good girl, know where she should be going to toilet from the first day, hardly created trouble. The reason for her previous owner from abandoning her? she was used as a breeder dog, and as she was so skinny and worn out, probably came to a point where she no longer could reproduce. What a sad story, but such kind of cases keep popping up at Hong Kong Dog Rescue, and I'm sure similar situation exists far more frequently than ever reported. 

Prissy when she first came home:

Prissy when she was going to her forever home 1 month later

Okay, back to Woofy, I went off to nearby pet shops, taking Prissy with me, and I was trying to find a collar and leash that is both function, yet pleasing to the eyes. I didn't want to have a boring pink or blue plain nylon ones, but someone light weight and durable, at the same time colourful and could also be fashionable. I kept finding, and after a few shops' searching, I gave in and bought a normal one. 

Prissy stayed with me for nearly a month, during which we went to many places and stayed most time with her, and gradually, she started changing-- from silently staying at a corner type, to cheerful and jumpy type of doggy. She also started gaining weight, and with updated pics of her shared, one day I received a call from HKDR and she had an adopter lined-up! 

Of course the separation was sad, but at least I know she would be going to a great owner, who also had another poodle boy in sweet strawberry scent, so I'm sure she'll be very well taken care of . 


The experience of not being able to find nice dog accessories remained in my mind, even as I travelling around, whenever I could I would also stop over pet shops to have a look, but there seemed to be a standard offering. This made me realise maybe there is a market in unique and quality dog wear and accessories. 

So the search began, and I started spending time researching, and trying to find any makers of doggy items and even other pet items that were pleasing to my eyes, and yes! I found quite a few, and after some time in sorting the logistics out, Woofy was set up! 


Since the very beginning of Woofy lies with animal shelter and their dedicated efforts in helping abandoned animals, I'd love to contribute part of the proceed from Woofy's sales to these organisations. I cannot emphasis any more, please choose to Adopt, don't Shop! 

Please join me to make Woofy Collection a successful case, where profits can be shared with animal welfare organisations across the globe! :) 

Woofy Collection


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