Happy new year!

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2018 zoomed past in a blink to us! And it comes to the time where you would reflect what you did right and what new year resolution to set for 2019.

2018 for Woofy Collection was a year of exploration. We continued and strengthened our collaboration with local animal shelter— Hong Kong Dog Rescue, a charity that shelters and rehomes homeless dogs, they currently have over 600 dogs, in all shapes and sizes, and all ages too. It’s a no-kill organization, so medical costs does add up, not only for treatment and surgeries, but also for caring for long termers. 

We also fostered for a couple of young puppies, and they were so precious! We will definitely foster again in 2019, and who know we might end up keeping them forever, let’s see! 

We hope all of our lovely supporters have had a great 2018, and wishing you all have a much better year in 2019, with your fluffy friends too. Please also share the message of adoption saves lives, and never to buy from pet shops. There are far more dogs and other animals waiting for their forever homes at shelters! 

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