Heart breaking foster experience!

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Pudding and Ribbon at 3-4 weeks old

Being dog lover, we recently fostered for a pair of 3-4 weeks old puppies, Pudding and Ribbon. They were so tiny, so precious and cute, our hearts totally melted at first sight! 

We brought them home, but quickly realized something was wrong— both vomited and had diarrhea. At such young age, we were told there are no meds for them, and needed their immunity to kick in to fight the virus. Seeing them not able to hold in any food or milk that was fed, we became more and more worried. 

They stayed with us for 3 days, and during the time we tried keeping them warm ( used two warm water bags and towels), kept feeding milk replacement formular, and hoped that they would improve. But sadly, they deteriorated quite quickly, and eventually became weak and passed away. 

Having fostered a few dogs so far, this was by far the most shocking experience, and our hearts are broken! Such poor babies, if only they had their mom and had the chance to feed on mom’s milk a few more days, probably they would have been strong enough. 

Despite the lost, it has further strengthened our want to help more dogs in need! Everyday there are so many dogs abandoned and sent to Centres, left to die! Every single dog is a life, and they have so much love to give, as long as you are willing to take them in and provide them with your time and love. 

If you can’t adopt, foster! If you can’t foster, volunteer! If you have no time, donate money! Every effort counts and saving a previous life. Act now!


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